“I wanna be somebody’s new dream.”
-six word story (via shelteredwillow)
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✿ TANGLED 500px gifs [11/?]
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Bitch please, i KNOW my movies.

Psssshhh don’t even try to think I don’t know that movie inside and out
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  • Me: I just watched the craziest movie. So basically this old woman kidnapped a baby and locked her up in this place in the middle of nowhere, and the baby grew up thinking that the woman was her mother and definitely had Stockholm Syndrome. One day the captor goes on a work trip, and the little girl, she's a beautiful teenager now. Anyway, she's relaxing at home when this guy breaks into her house and she thinks he's there to attack her, so she knocks him out cold and ties him up, hiding his possessions in the meantime. When he wakes up, they make a deal- she'll give him back his things if he takes her out of the house to see the world. So they head out and on the way, they're chased by thugs, cops, and then eventually her "mother". In the end, he is stabbed and she has to kill her captor, who she realizes is not her real mother, and she is able to save the man. Afterwards, they discover that she is the daughter of a very wealthy political family and he takes her home to them.
  • Friend: What's the movie?
  • Me: Tangled
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Why are 13 year olds on Tumblr….

That 13 year old has made a really good point

well to be fair, Rapunzel is actually a brunette but disney markets her as blonde because that’s how people know her. she is known for that long blond hair. but disney turned that notion on it’s head and made her have super short brown hair which no other princess has but her. i think after her though they should’ve gone straight to Moana instead of Anna and Elsa. I want to see more diversity.